Effect of Promo Codes on a Brand

The Effect of Promo Codes on a Brand

As a customer, you always want to know about the best deals today. Learning about the best online sales right now and using promo codes for free stuff gives you a sense of achievement. After all, there is something exhilarating about buying things at low prices. Everyone wants to benefit from the best deals online shopping has to offer.

Customers love being updates about the best online shopping deals today. They love store coupons and discount codes. This is one of the reasons why coupons for food and other online coupons are being delivered by various stores. Every company is trying to grant the promo code wish of its customers. But, the question is how far will you go? Do promo codes affect your brand? If so, how?

Brand and promo codes

The company image you send out to your customers helps in creating your brand. Advertisements and other marketing communications are not the only way of relaying brand image. Instead, promotional activities are also important.

 This is where promo codes come in. if you give out discounts incessantly, your brand image will get diluted. Your customers won’t buy your products at their original price because in their mind the worth of the product would deteriorate.

So, no promo codes?

This doesn’t mean you should give promo codes at all. If the concept was flawed, to begin with, big companies wouldn’t be using the promotional tool. Coupon codes for Amazon and promo code Shopify delivers are a huge success. Moreover, customers now use the best bargain sites to learn about deals and opt for options that give them low prices. Therefore, being a part of the deal news is important.

Promo codes dilute a brand but you must give them out. This might sound contradictory. But, it is not. You must learn how to give out promo codes. You don’t necessarily have to be the center of attention every day on the most popular daily deal sites like Sello, RetailMe, and Groupon. Instead, make sure you do appear on online deals websites now and then to remain relevant to those that crave discounts.

Offer promo codes sporadically and try to limit them to items you need a boost with. Don’t give flat discounts on all your products. If possible, don’t give promo codes to customers that don’t mind paying the full price.


You can reduce the effect promo codes have on your brand by being smart. So, be wise.

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